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Whether you have been to alcohol and substance abuse treatment before, or this is the first time, Ebb Tide’s caring and experienced staff can help. Our main goal is helping each individual overcome their debilitating issues and preparing them for a new life style. You have been given a chance to have a fresh start on life and we want to help you take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Ebb Tide’s treatment programs will provide you with different types of therapy to help you understand and overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. We know that it’s going to take some work, but we will work along with you every step of the way.

Individual Addiction Therapy

At Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, we understand that every individual who walks through our doors will have their own personal story and circumstances, that contribute to the unique path each traveled to where they are today. Accordingly, our caring and knowledgeable clinical staff has implemented specialized treatment programs, that treat each individual personally, helping to remove specific obstacles to recovery. To obtain this objective, every client at Ebb Tide Treatment Centers will receive one-on-one therapy and counseling, designed to provide each individual with the personalized care most beneficial to their recovery. Our staff and facilities provide a relaxed, loving, safe, and supportive environment, where each person can feel comfortable talking about themselves, their feelings and personal struggles. This will permit each client to identify and then strip power away from the troubling issues that, in the past, have likely played a key role in drinking and/or drugs use.

Ebb Tide’s medical and clinical staff will address each client’s mental and behavioral health, as these can play an integral role in addiction. Alcoholics and addicts often use alcohol and/or drugs as a form of self-medication, to rid themselves, or otherwise cope, with feelings and emotions. Not only is mental and behavioral health one of the leading causes of addiction, but it is also a primary cause of relapse. Throughout the addiction treatment process at Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, we will work with you skillfully and compassionately, in order to uncover any issues that may impact feelings, emotions and behavior. In that way, we can create an appropriate aftercare plan, that addresses each individual’s particular issues, identifies potential roadblocks in recovery, and enables each client to receive continued help after discharge.

Group Addiction Therapy

Have you ever felt like you are all alone? That there is no one, anywhere, who could possibly understand what it feels like to be you? Such feelings are common among alcoholics and addicts. This is one reason why group therapy is a vital component of Addiction Treatment. At Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, all of our Group Therapy is facilitated by professionals, trained in the substance abuse, mental health and/or behavioral health fields. Other individuals, likewise struggling with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, will participate along with you in these groups. We know, from our own personal recovery experiences, that identification with others in group therapy helped us to feel less lonely, less isolated, and “a part of something,” which had the effect of providing us hope of finding a way out of our addiction. We believe that 12-Step recovery works, and that the original 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, based on the idea that one addict or alcoholic helping another, has proven to be the best way to ensure lasting sobriety. Accordingly, we have taken these principles and applied them to our treatment programs. Not only will you receive the support from others who are trying to get sober, but you will see that your life can be filled with purpose, by being of service to others. If you are ready to stop struggling, and finally overcome your troubles with drugs and/or alcohol, then allow Ebb Tide Treatment Centers to help. We want to instill you with the necessary tools, and confidence, for you to believe that you can transition from treatment into the world, without the fear of relapse. Allow us to help prove you that you can live a life free from the burdens of active addiction, where you can flourish and reach your full potential. Call us at 844-430-4357 to learn more.