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Going through addiction treatment will help the addict and/or alcoholic develop a new design for living. Addicts and alcoholics suffer from a problem that centers in the mind, so it is important to help retrain the brain and way of thinking. It sounds complicated, but Ebb Tide Treatment Center’s staff and programs will educate clients about the disease of addiction in order that the addict and alcoholic can understand as to why they have been doing what they have in their active addiction. Although we want the addict/alcoholic to understand that they are not bad people, we believe that it’s important for everyone in recovery to accept and have accountability for their addiction, so they can begin the healing process that leads to a better life.

Addiction Treatment 

Importantly, at Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, clients learn how to identify and deal with feelings in a healthy way. Over the months or years of alcohol or drug abuse, the brain has become trained to depend upon mind-altering substances to manage or cope with issues that people encounter in everyday life. The simple truth is that addicts and alcoholics struggle with feelings and emotions. Drugs and alcohol become the coping mechanism. Obviously, if the addict/alcoholic is to recover, there needs to be another solution – a healthy one, that really works. Different treatment methods are specifically designed to retrain your brain to replace old habits of drinking or using with new healthy habits. Like all things new, this can be a struggle at first, but it is worth it and does get easier over time. The millions of people who have overcome their addiction have developed a new outlook and reaction to everyday situations that they never knew was possible.

Ongoing Recovery Upon Discharge

Ebb Tide Treatment Centers goal is to empower each client with a variety of different recovery tools that will help in your everyday life upon discharge. Continued recovery, however, requires vigilance. Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, we will work with each client to design and implement an aftercare plan, which will enable them to get the continued help and support necessary during the crucial early steps of the recovery process. We want everyone we treat to understand that, even after leaving treatment, they will have wide range of options available to keep recovery at the forefront of their life, so that day to day, specific situations or difficulties, and their lives in general, will continue to improve. Effective drug rehab treatment is the door to your life without addiction. Call Ebb Tide Treatment Centers today and let’s take back the life you deserve and that addiction stole from you.

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