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How to Prepare for Drug Treatment

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The decision to enter rehab for treatment is the first step in kicking addiction. The success of treatment is often dependent on the level of preparation that occurs before the individual actually enters a treatment facility.  As such, preparation is of some importance for this phase of recovery. In most instances, the preparation steps for treatment […]

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Top 10 Ways Addiction Treatment Save Lives

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At its core, addiction is a life-threatening condition with a high fatality rate. Long before frequent drug use or alcohol consumption is recognized as a problem, this practice could be causing changes in the brain that put the individual on the path towards addiction. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), substance addiction […]

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What to Expect from Drug Rehab Treatment Center

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Professional drug treatment has the potential to completely change the trajectory of an addicted person’s life. This is the general consensus from addiction experts, researchers, and addicts. Sobriety stories also extol the life-saving benefits of professional intervention and specialized care. Mostly after failed attempts with the do-it-yourself approach. Still, not knowing what to expect from drug […]

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Five Decisions That Drive Rather Than Curb Addiction

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Five Decisions That Drive Rather Than Curb Addiction The path into addiction always starts with a “substance use” decision.  Whether it is to medicate away the pain, fit in with the crowd, experience euphoria or to drown out emotional discomfort, there is an element of risk associated with consuming any potentially addictive substance. For some unfortunate few, […]

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Coping with an Alcoholic Spouse

COPING WITH AN ALCOHOLIC SPOUSE Marriages are frequently derailed because of an alcoholic spouse.  Even when the partners stay together, the sober spouse instinctively develops defense mechanisms to counter the negative effects of alcohol abuse. And, in cases where the alcoholic spouse is allowed unlimited access to monetary resources, the financial security of the family […]

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5 Ways to Encourage an Addicted Loved One To Enter Rehab

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Many people are uncertain about how to help a loved one to escape the addiction trap. Typical default reactions are denial, anger, and silence. It is not uncommon for family members to resort to wishing and hoping that their loved one can muster up the will-power to stop the abuse. If frequent talks, arguments or […]

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What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Is It Effective?

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What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment? Dual diagnosis treatment is an integrated continuum of care that treats a substance addiction and mental disorder when they occur together. Scientist in search of answers to addiction and the staggering relapse rate following treatment identified a strong connection between mental illness and substance abuse. This led to the development of […]

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Five Components of Effective Drug Treatment

How to find a addiction that really treats you

Five Components of Effective Drug Treatment   Drug addiction is a complex disease that defies most do-it-yourself attempts for recovery.  On the other hand, both scientific and empirical studies reveal that commitment to a comprehensive treatment program has changed the trajectory of many lives trapped in the cycles of addiction.  The inherent difference in programs […]

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Dangers of a DIY Drug Detox

How to detox from an opiate addiction

DANGERS OF A DIY DRUG DETOX Detoxification is the first and most critical stage of the drug rehabilitation process.  Many people are unaware that the “do-it-yourself” (DIY) or “cold-turkey” approach has the potential to be deadly.  In many instances, the physiological and psychological withdrawal symptoms triggered when accumulated toxins are being eliminated from the body […]

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Drug Overdose Trends Spike Greater Need for Narcan

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NARCAN A burgeoning demand for more potent narcotic drugs is suspected as a primary reason for the expanded use of Narcan. Narcan is an opioid antagonist or narcotic blocker that is used to reverse the effects of a drug overdose.  In the last few years, the use of Narcan outside of conventional medical facilities and by […]

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