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How to Help a Loved One Addicted to Cocaine

Seeing a friend or family member become trapped in a vicious cycle of cocaine abuse can leave you feeling hopeless and as if nothing can be done. But assistance is available, and there are steps you can take to help a loved one live a substance-free life. Understanding what cocaine is and its impact on the body and mind will[...] Read More

Is My Loved One Addicted to Heroin?

Having concerns about whether a loved one has a substance abuse problem or is suffering from drug addiction can be very difficult and stressful. Being unsure may tempt you to take a step back, but asking the question may mean that you have picked up on your loved one's unusual behavior or appearance and want to act. Understanding what heroin[...] Read More

How Long Does Heroin Stay In Your System?

Perhaps your or a loved one's heroin habit has spiraled into addiction, or you are wondering how long it takes for the drug and its toxins to leave your body as you want to quit its use. To answer the question "how long does heroin stay in your system?" a better look at the substance itself, its effects, and addictive[...] Read More

Crack Detox

Crack cocaine, commonly just known as crack, is a stimulant drug that is usually smoked. It is extremely potent so can quickly lead to dependence and addiction. With long-term use, crack leads to an increased risk of heart attacks and stroke and can permanently damage your brain. It can also cause crack lung which includes symptoms of fever and coughing[...] Read More

Heroin Detox and Rehab in West Palm Beach, FL

In 2017, the US Department of Health and Human Services announced an opioid crisis due to high and increasing numbers of opioid deaths. This was caused by the aggressive marketing of opioids in the 1990s by pharmaceutical companies that also downplayed their addictiveness. Most people who are addicted to heroin start by using prescription painkillers. Heroin use can quickly lead[...] Read More