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Common Medications Used in Medication-Assisted Treatment

The first phase of any substance use disorder treatment is detox. This is when an individual stops taking a substance to rid the body of any remaining toxins. It is not unusual to delay seeking treatment or entering detox due to the typical withdrawal symptoms that are associated with drug and alcohol dependence. However, with growing evidence and an abundance[...] Read More

How Long is Medical Detox?

Alcohol and drug deaths are continuously rising in the US. Despite this, overdoses are still taking many lives across the US. Alcohol and drugs affect the individual using, their family, and society. However, drug and alcohol abuse are symptoms of underlying problems. There are risk factors for substance abuse such as mental health issues, childhood abuse, and early exposure to[...] Read More

Do I Need Medical Detox for Alcohol

Alcohol is a socially acceptable psychoactive substance to consume. Its use across the US is widespread with more than two-thirds of those surveyed in the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (found here) saying they had drunk in the last year. Additionally abusing alcohol is also much more common than any other drug. In the same survey, 25.8[...] Read More

Mixing Oxycodone and Alcohol

Abusing alcohol or opioids can have severe negative drawbacks; however, when combining the two, even if in small amounts, can be fatal. What Is Alcohol? Unlike oxycodone, alcohol is not used for medicinal purposes but mainly for its effects on mood. It works by working through the central nervous system and depressing various parts of the brain, consequently causing effects[...] Read More

Can Alcoholics Ever Drink Again?

After months of being sober and receiving addiction treatment, you may catch yourself thinking about what harm one drink can do. Perhaps you are convinced that you can do moderate drinking, or that you didn't have such a big drinking problem after all. In the case of someone who has suffered from alcohol addiction, these are just mental battles that[...] Read More