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How Long Does Oxycodone Stay in Your System?

What Is Oxycodone? Oxycodone is a prescription painkiller which is usually given to patients who need relief from severe pain. These causes of pain can vary, but it is largely used to treat post-surgery pain or chronic pain caused by cancer. It is listed as a Schedule II substance in the United States. Historically, it has been a major substance[...] Read More

Dangers and Effects of Smoking Meth

Meth, short for methamphetamine, is a very potent and highly addictive substance, categorized - along with cocaine - as part of a group of substances known as stimulant drugs. Meth is a synthetic drug, meaning it is artificially manufactured and is typically smoked in a small glass pipe. It is possible that you may have walked past a meth lab[...] Read More

Dangers of Snorting Trazodone

This article will provide an explanation of what trazodone is, why it is dangerous for people to take it, the problems with prescription medication abuse in general, and the side effects that can occur as a result of taking trazodone. In addition, the article will discuss the symptoms of withdrawal people will experience when they quit taking trazodone, how trazodone[...] Read More

Signs of Meth Addiction, Abuse, and Use

Methamphetamine, also known as meth or crystal meth, is a highly addictive drug. It is the third most used recreational drug in the US. It gives users a feeling of alertness, energy, or euphoria. It can be ingested as a pill, injected into the veins, snorted up the nose, or smoked via a meth pipe. All these forms of meth[...] Read More

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System?

Cocaine is a popular stimulant drug touted for its confidence-boosting abilities, influencing people’s ability to socialize and their sense of self-esteem. It also delivers a strong high, making it an incredibly addictive drug. This euphoric feeling, however, doesn’t last for long. With time, this feel-good feeling will slowly be replaced with intense cravings and a ‘need’ for cocaine - in[...] Read More