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Maximizing Group Therapy’s Benefits for You

Facilitated by a trained mental health professional, group therapy is a form of treatment that typically comprises six to eight individuals. Entirely confidential, group therapy provides a safe space to test different ways of interacting with people. It also provides time for those in attendance to share their thoughts and experiences while developing greater awareness of how humans interact and[...] Read More

Drug Testing in the Workplace – 6 Important Things You Need To Know 

The general perception that drug users are street kids and people living in untidy flats can never be far from the truth. There has been an upsurge in the number of employed US citizens that are active drug users. People use drugs secretly either in their discreet locations in the workplace or on their way to the workplace. This increase[...] Read More

Coronavirus Pandemic, Social Distancing and Its Effect on Addiction Recovery

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting most aspects of our lives. Hopes of POTUS for normalcy to return by Easter are long gone now. This expectation all but vanished after he extended the physical distancing, or social distancing as we popularly know it, period to, at least, late April.  Social distancing, frequent handwashing, working from home, mass testing, isolation of[...] Read More