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The Benefits of Stopping Marijuana

Legal in nineteen states, marijuana is one of America’s most commonly used drugs. It’s often touted as a drug of relaxation, making it popular among the general public. It’s so popular that millions of people use it regularly - but that doesn’t mean it’s safe. Whether considered dangerous or not, marijuana is still a drug. This means that addiction is[...] Read More

5 Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas

These days, there is more pressure than ever to create the perfect Christmas. Often, this pressure starts as soon as Thanksgiving ends and lasts right until the big day. Sometimes, this even extends beyond New Year’s Eve. Each year, the holiday season seems to be prolonged. Though an enjoyable time for many, this is without a doubt a long time[...] Read More

4 Things You Should Do in Early Recovery

From seeking help to entering rehab and finding sobriety, there are many stages to the recovery journey. Although many people expect the journey to recovery to be smooth sailing, it is often a little bumpy. Like many others, you’ll likely face a few setbacks on your path to recovery. However, this doesn’t mean sobriety isn’t achievable. With the right approach,[...] Read More

Maximizing Group Therapy’s Benefits for You

Facilitated by a trained mental health professional, group therapy is a form of treatment that typically comprises six to eight individuals. Entirely confidential, group therapy provides a safe space to test different ways of interacting with people. It also provides time for those in attendance to share their thoughts and experiences while developing greater awareness of how humans interact and[...] Read More

What Are Drugs Detox Kits And Do They Really Work?

 More than 24 million Americans are struggling with addiction. Testing positive for an illicit drug can have serious repercussions. Addicts can lose their jobs, stress their loved ones, and ruin their reputation with a positive result.  Many try to beat screenings using several techniques. Some opt to use detox kits to manipulate the test in their favor. However, do detox[...] Read More