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Celebrities Raising Drug Addiction Awareness and Ebb Tide Treatment


We are used to seeing our favorite celebrities while watching TV and movies, but what about the celebrities who speak out politically or to raise drug addiction awareness and substance abuse. Are their opinions worthwhile? Can they help educate the American people about drugs? Maybe hearing an actors story of addiction and achieving sobriety can help Americans struggling with addiction. It may be enough to know you are not alone.


Well known celebrities are sometimes more well known than neighbors and some family members and their messages can have far-reaching effects on the public. With many celebrities having experience with alcohol or drug dependency, they can bring the issue and their experiences to light. If they have had treatment, they are able to encourage the public to seek treatment and to not be ashamed to do so. Many celebrities attend private treatment facilities, so their speaking out on the subject may be the only way to make the public aware of their struggles with alcohol or drugs.

Famous Celebrities Who Have Fought Alcohol or Drug Addiction

  • Matthew Perry, a famous friend on Friends has said that helping others who share his struggles is the thing he likes best about himself.
  • Eric Clapton maintained sobriety even after the tragic death of his four-year-old son and has helped fellow AA members remain sober after tragedy after hearing his experience.
  • Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter is entering his 6th year of sobriety at the age of 27. His influence can have a far reaching effect on all of the elementary school aged and teenagers who see the Harry Potter movies.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis has been sober for 16 years and is passionate about sharing her story to divert others from the same path.
  • Sir Elton John chose life after supporting Ryan White, a teen who contracted AIDS after receiving a blood transfusion. He stood up against the fear and discrimination surrounding this issue and realized through this that he himself needed help to overcome his addiction.
  • Demi Lovato is a vocal spokesperson for mental health issues and drug addiction.

These are just a few of the many celebrities who have struggled with and fought addiction and are using their experiences and public platform to help others achieve sobriety. Knowing there are others who fought drug addiction and won can help you succeed. Build your confidence and change your life today with Ebb Treatment Centers!

A Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Florida

We at Ebb Tide Treatment Centers believe alcoholics and addicts can, and do, recover. Furthermore, recovering from active addiction does not have to be a long, painful process. With the help of Ebb Tide’s caring and experienced staff, you and your loved ones will learn, and take, proven steps necessary to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety and success. The goal of Ebb Tide Treatment Centers is to restore lives and families. With our help, you can regain control of your life from addiction and start living happily again. Your new life is just a phone call away. Call us today at 561-508-8330 or visit us



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