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Coronavirus Pandemic, Social Distancing and Its Effect on Addiction Recovery

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting most aspects of our lives. Hopes of POTUS for normalcy to return by Easter are long gone now. This expectation all but vanished after he extended the physical distancing, or social distancing as we popularly know it, period to, at least, late April. 

Social distancing, frequent handwashing, working from home, mass testing, isolation of confirmed cases, and tracing of contacts are some of the measures taken to combat this virus. While these measures are necessary, they affect our daily lives. 

Some of the most affected groups are recovering addicts and those with mental illnesses. Besides the struggles they share with other Americans, they have to stay sober or manage their conditions. Many of them can no longer receive the help they have become accustomed to getting from rehab centers in West Palm Beach. 

How COVID-19 Has Affected Addiction Recovery 

Once a recovering addict leaves a drug rehab in Palm Beach, they need recovery programs to sustain sobriety. Quitting drugs is just one step in a lengthy journey. Addiction needs long term care to manage it. Without this continued care, recovering addicts often relapse. 

Some of the help that recovering addicts need is continuing with support group meetings. Gatherings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are critical for recovering addicts. They provide them a safe space to share their struggles, build a connection with people going through similar challenges, and learn from other recovering addicts. 

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One measure taken to combat the spread of COVID-19 has been the call to avoid gatherings of many people. Consequently, many organizers of such in-person meetings have had to suspend the regular support group meetings indefinitely. Many addiction experts have warned that staying away from people and isolation are recipes for disaster among recovering addicts. 

Keeping in Touch With Others

Many recovering addicts need contact with other recovering addicts to get courage and guidance to continue fighting their addiction. Additionally, the stress or trauma of losing a loved one due to COVID-19 may make them susceptible to going back to drugs. Losing employment due to the pandemic can also make some recovering addicts return to substance abuse to cope.

The potential challenge can be worse for people struggling with co-occurring disorders, such as drug addiction and mood disorders. These people need simultaneous treatment to continue with their sobriety. COVID-19 continues to disrupt the supply of essential medications that people recovering from co-occurring conditions need to manage their emotions. Without these drugs, they are likely to have unstable moods, which can lead them to relapse. 

Relapsing in the middle of this pandemic is risky. Once you become intoxicated, your awareness and sense of caution diminish. Consequently, you are less likely to take measures suggested to combat the spread of this virus. This decreased responsibility makes you susceptible to contracting the disease. 

How to Sustain Your Sobriety During The COVID-19 Pandemic 

The silver lining is that it is not all gloomy for recovering addicts that want to continue being sober while staying safe. You need to have a recovery program after your addiction treatment from West Palm Beach rehab centers. Many tools and strategies can help you cope. Staying sober keeps you safe from the effects of drugs. It also protects you from COVID-19.

Strategies you can use to remain sober while staying safe include: 

1. Online Support 

Many platforms hold support group meetings online today. Social distancing requirements have made more in-person support groups to facilitate online gatherings for their members during this pandemic. Online meetings are happening via call, messages, or video conferencing. Platforms such as Skype, Zoom, In the Rooms, and NA Chatroom are some of the leading online platforms for recovering addicts. 

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Most of the online support groups resemble practices of in-person meetings. You get to have a sponsor, people take turns in sharing, and a chairperson leads the group. Sessions last around 60 to 90 minutes, and people from different places can attend them. Linking up with other recovering addicts online can help you sustain your sobriety during this pandemic.

2. Limit Your Media Interaction 

Extensive coverage on COVID-19 by the media is satisfactory. However, seeing how the disaster is affecting people can be troublesome. Restrict your interaction with social media, TV outlets, and other forms of news to only the essential parts. While it is good to know what is happening, without the connection you have become accustomed to having from other recovering addicts, news can be overwhelming, and they can make you relapse. 

3. Remember That Sobriety Is Important 

There are reasons you chose to quit drugs and become sober. It could be that you wanted to mitigate the effects of addiction, such as financial mismanagement, repair broken relations, or look after your health. You need to remember these reasons to increase your chances of staying sober.

4. Talk to Your Doctor or Counselor Online or through the Phone

Many rehab centers West Palm Beach provide online assistance to their clients or prospects. Take advantage of this service to remain sober. If you have your doctor’s or counselor’s contact, you may also communicate with them. You will need to be patient as most of them could be having a lot of responsibilities at this time.

5. Keep Yourself Busy 

If you have to stay home in this period, keeping yourself occupied can help you. Rarely having to leave the house, and limited interactions with others can make you feel bored and alone. This combination is dangerous, especially to recovering addicts. You may have temptations to use drugs to pass the time or be less lonely, which can lead to an overdose or subsequent uses. 

How Ebb Tide can Help 

Ebb Tide Treatment Center is a licensed treatment center in West Palm Beach that offers holistic drug and mental disorders treatment. Our team comprises well-trained, experienced, and licensed counselors, doctors, nurses, and other caregivers. This team uses proven treatment techniques to offer treatment that helps you get better without typical challenges. 

We treat a variety of drug addictions and mental conditions. Previous clients rate us highly. Our inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs are among the leading procedures in Florida and the country. We look after you through detox, rehabilitation, and your aftercare. Consequently, our team can look at your case and advise you on ways to continue your recovery during this pandemic. 


COVID-19 continues to impact various aspects of our lives. As the confirmed cases increase, the levels of government put more stringent measures to try and curb the pandemic. Social distancing, constant hand washing, mass testing, and isolation of positive cases for the recommended period continues to be our best weapons against the virus. 

Recovering addicts are among the groups that are most affected by the pandemic. Many support group meetings have had to break indefinitely. Similarly, some rehab facilities have sought to decongest their facilities by admitting fewer people and discharging mild cases. These changes have affected the quest of many recovering addicts to sustain their sobriety. 

While face-to-face assistance has decreased, recovering addicts can sustain their sobriety with other strategies, while staying safe. Online meetings, calls to your addiction specialist, and you keeping busy are some of these programs. You also need to remember the reason you chose sobriety. Relapsing will take you back to a life you decided to forego.

Ebb Tide Treatment Center can help you maintain your sobriety during this pandemic. Our experts of different addictions and mental conditions can talk to you via phone or online. They can also recommend other tools that can help you remain sober while staying safe, such as online meetings and ways to cope with sobriety at home.

 Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your addiction recovery during this COVID-19 pandemic. 
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