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Rehab Programs

Addicts and alcoholics commonly begin experimenting with drugs and/or alcohol at a young age. Consequently, many often become “stuck” at an emotional level of maturity and may not develop or use many basic “life skills” throughout this period. This phenomenon is termed “arrested development.” As individuals fall deeper into their addiction, these types of life skills seem increasingly less important to them, because the addict or alcoholic has come to rely so heavily upon drugs and/or alcohol to meet their needs and “deal” with life. Therefore, when ready to quit using drugs and alcohol, it is essential that the addict or alcoholic learn and develop these skills in order to achieve lasting recovery and happiness. At Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, our treatment programs help bridge the gap between treatment and recovery, which means treating and assisting addicts and alcoholics in all aspects of day to day life. At times even the most simple tasks can seem impossible and overwhelming to the addict and alcoholic. While addiction treatment is often vital in the endeavour to stop drinking or doing drugs,  this is just the begging.  It is equally important to successfully transition back into the world outside of treatment, in order to fully optimize and appreciate the incredible new opportunity that has been given. This desired result comes from learning and developing life skills that will promote success from the moment every client completes treatment at Ebb Tide Treatment Centers’ facilities.


Addiction Treatment for Healthy Living

Health and wellness, unfortunately often neglected by those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, are vital to recovery and overall well-being. At Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, our treatment programs will teach clients that health is a critical foundation for life in recovery. Once sober, it’s time to start taking care of the body, as well as the mind. At Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, we incorporate supervised gym workouts, as well as many enjoyable and beneficial physical activities, including yoga, swimming, volleyball, basketball and other group sports. Overall health and wellness is not limited to regular exercise, but also involves maintaining a healthy diet with the right balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. All too often though, addicts fall into a trap, living on junk food diet, with little thought or regard for what they are putting into their bodies. At Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, our objective is to teach overall healthy living, which means learning how to plan and prepare balanced and nutritious meals. Our clients will be taught about nutrition, planning meals, finding proper ingredients, shopping on a budget, and preparing enjoyable healthy meals.



The Importance of Life Skills 

At Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, we view treatment as a great opportunity to launch into a life of recovery, which includes the ability to resume work and school, or maybe to begin a new career. During treatment, our staff will work with each client to develop an aftercare plan designed to help each individual maintain sobriety and grow successfully in all facets of their lives. In most cases, this means that clients will begin thinking about and preparing for a return to work, or embarking on new career paths. The goal will be working towards becoming self-supporting and marketable, which in turn promotes independence, self-worth and happiness. Addicts and alcoholics often rely heavily upon friends and family members as a way to survive during their addiction, but recovery is about learning to stand and thrive on your own two feet. We understand that all of our clients come to us with varying degrees of education, vocational training and experience. However, before completing Ebb Tide Treatment Centers treatment program(s), we want our clients to have the knowledge, skills and confidence, not to simply find a job with a paycheck, but to secure a position that gives the recovering individual career opportunity and satisfaction. To speak with an admissions counselor and learn more about our programs, call us at 844-430-4357.