Day/Night Treatment with Housing – Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

Day/Night Treatment with Housing – Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

If you are looking to recover from an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol Ebb Tide Treatment Centers this program can work for you. Our Day/Night Program was designed to treat individuals in the early stages of recovery. Through educational and process therapy, our expert clinical practitioners will utilize Evidence-Based Treatment (EBT) practices to address issues in group, as well as individual therapy sessions.

Our main goal is to help individuals and families to better understand the disease of addiction and how to recover from their current state or condition. At Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, we believe that life skills are as important to the recovery process as understanding addiction. Therefore, we look to bridge the gap between treatment and recovery.


Who Benefits from Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

There are many different options for addiction treatment.  Ebb Tide Treatment Centers Day/Night Treatment with Housing -Partial Hospitalization (PHP)  provides a comfortable 32-bed waterfront residence with inground pool, volleyball, fishing, and kayaking. This program is gender-specific and highly structured throughout the entire day. This allows us to deliver the highly individualized care that many addicts and/or alcoholics need, and deserve, during treatment. Individuals will interact daily with Psychiatric Practitioners, Social Workers, Nurses, Medical Doctors and other Mental Health Practitioners. Ebb Tide’s master’s level therapists are specifically trained to treat substance use and co-occurring disorders. Clients will be introduced to a variety of recovery paths, including 12-Step, Smart Recovery and Refuge Recovery.  Clients will have opportunities to attend their meetings, because we know that these programs, and involvement in these fellowships, can be an important component of long term recovery. The primary focus of our Day/Night program is the development of skills that help our clients better understand addiction and to begin managing their lives for a long, sustained and happy recovery.

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Getting Addiction Treatment

Ebb Tide Treatment Centers programs are all gender specific, because this setting has been proven to help individuals focus better on their own issues during treatment. Whether you are a young adult, in retirement, or somewhere in between, you will gain valuable support from other alcoholics/addicts who are also looking to recover from their own personal struggles with substance use disorders. Our Treatment Programs incorporate an array clinically proven Evidence Based Treatment (EBT) therapies and practices, to address all aspects of an individual’s recovery.

Every client meets one-on-one with their primary therapist, so they can freely discuss their background and personal history with drugs and/or alcohol. That way, we may better understand each client and the specific nature of their addiction. We want to discover whether an event, experience, underlying emotional state, or illness, may lead an individual to self-medicate with drugs and/or alcohol. Individual therapy further optimizes our efforts to offer comprehensive, personalized treatment and aftercare plans.

Individuals will also participate in group therapy, together with variety of different therapeutic activities, all designed to enhance the treatment experience and to provide a foundation for a successful recovery. We emphasize, that in helping individuals in their recovery, it is essential to assist them in the development of life skills which may be lacking. Addiction generally leads people down the wrong path. Once off course, many addicts and/or alcoholics begin to ignore, or otherwise fail to enhance, some life skills that they might have developed otherwise. We want to help our clients to cultivate these skills, to place them in the best position possible to succeed upon discharge.


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