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How Addiction Affects Your Family

Drug addiction has many challenges that face close to 25 million addicts in America. Some addicts struggle to hold relationships with their loved ones. Their addiction makes them withdrawn from them and often leads to actions that harm the people close to them. One step they take in their recovery is to mend these bonds.

It is natural to rebuild relationships when you begin the rehabilitation phase of your addiction treatment. However, quick fixes may not always be the right options. You need to know what caused the conflict before you think of solutions to your problems. Your rehabilitation may also create new conflicts that you need to know before you win back your friends and family. It may take time, but it will be worth it if you put the right effort.

Addiction Can Have an Impact on Your Relationships

Your friends will feel the weight of your rehabilitation. They will need to make changes and try to support your recovery. Some of them will leave, others will try helping you, and others will do neither.

A photo of a happy couple walking, how to help someone with addiction, how to help an addict, how addiction affects your family, effects of addiction on family and friends, addictions may alienate friends

Understanding what they are going through will help you make the right choices that will improve your friendship and help everyone heal from the addiction. Do not let your friends compromise your attempt for a sober life.

Your Friends Play a Crucial Role in Your Recovery

You need friends who’ll support you as you undergo rehabilitation. However, your need for their support may put a strain on your friendship. Their hectic schedules may make them feel guilty for not creating enough time to help you. They may also not know what they can do to help. These occurrences can make them avoid you or end their friendship. Do not pressure them. Empathize with them. Remember, your addiction affects them too.

Some of your friends may see addiction as a weakness. Such friends may stigmatize addicts and those recovering from addiction. If you have such friends, try to understand their reasoning. Help them understand that addiction is an illness that can affect anyone, and you can overcome it with their support.

As Part of Your Recovery, You May Lose Friends

They will need to stop their behaviors that expose you to triggers for relapse. Some friends may find this requirement for modifications too much. However, do not despair in your quest for recovery. Help them understand why they need to alter their behaviors. If they do not change, you may need new friends.

How Addiction Impacts Young Children

Your addiction and recovery will affect your children. They may seem young, but they often know when something is wrong. It would help if you were careful about how you approach your rehabilitation when you are around them.

1. Recovery Can Make You Miss Milestones in Their Lives 

Your attempt to get better can come at a cost to your relationship with your kids. You may miss events, such as their first recital, a major baseball game, or admission to college. If you miss these milestones, try to make up for your absence.

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Look for something your kids will appreciate and do it with them. It will be painful for you to miss them, but remember better days lie ahead when you recover. You will skip none of their crucial steps because of addiction. Apologize for any occasion you miss and tell them you will not miss another one.

2. Your Kids See You Struggle, and it Affects Them

You can try hiding your challenges from them, but your efforts may not always yield the expected results. If they are not too young, you can loop them into your recovery. Give them an overview and prepare them for any difficulties. If they are too young, you can shield them from your challenges by parting with them temporarily during the challenging phases of recovery.

3. You Can Struggle to Control Your Emotions During Recovery

Rehabilitation deprives you of the effect’s drugs cause. You are likely to be moody and battle to cope with emotions such as anxiety and depression. Your challenges may make you as out at your kids. Lashing out demoralizes them and also makes them feel you do not love them. Avoid taking out your emotions on your kids. Sleep well and exercise to reduce your irritability.

How Teenage Addiction Affects the Family

As a teenager, you engage in drug use without thinking of the repercussions your usage may cause. Drug use can lead to addiction, which has many adverse effects on your family. As you recover from the dependence, your family may still struggle.

a. Your Parents May Worry About Relapse

They will worry about whether your drug use jeopardizes your future, school, and interactions with others. This concern can make them fall back at work. These changes will affect the development and bond of the family. You will need to prove that you can stay sober to ease their worries.

b. Lose of  Trust

Your addiction will make your parents and siblings think twice about the responsibilities they gave you earlier. This mistrust will resist your opportunities, such as going to an excellent school far away, as they cannot rely on your judgment. The silver lining is that you will get back some of their trust if you stay sober for long. Rehabilitation counseling for you and your family should boost the trust level.

Financial and Legal Issues that Affect the Family of a Recovering Addict

There are legal and monetary challenges that can affect the family of a recovering addict.

1. Treatment Can Be Expensive

Inpatient treatment after a relapse can be costly to the family. It forces them to spend money they could have used for other essential requirements. They may also need to buy expensive medications to help the addict recover. Having regular checkups and therapy may eat into the family’s finances.

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2. Addiction Can Cause the Loss of Employment for the Breadwinner

Addiction and its treatment can make the breadwinner abscond their duties at work. This neglect may make them lose their job and a source of income for the family.

3. Addiction Can Lead to a Divorce and Disputes Over the Custody of the Children

It gets to the point that the family cannot take the suffering anymore. Separation from the addict may be necessary. This estrangement can bring financial and legal issues, such as custody battles and child support payments. Even if you are recovering, consistently providing child care payments can be challenging. The divorce can also confuse the kids.

Best Addiction Treatment Center Near Me

Intervention may be necessary to help a loved one overcome their addiction. It will challenge you to get the addict some help, as many of them resist it. However, do not despair. Convince the addict that they need help and treatment from a rehab facility.

Ebb Tide Treatment Centers provide patients with expert care through inpatient/residential and outpatient programs. Residential treatment is advisable for patients with severe addictions. Your loved one receives 24/7 care from physicians that monitor their withdrawal and devise a post treatment plan for them. Outpatient treatment is appropriate for patients with mild addictions. They receive care through frequent visits to our facility. This approach allows them to continue with most parts of their lives while getting better.

Ebb Tide Treatment Centers have strategies in their treatment plans that can help you improve your relationships with your loved ones. Our dialectical behavioral therapy enables you to deal with the anxiety and stress associated with rehabilitation. You and your loved ones receive guidance on ways to deal with them, so they do not jeopardize your relationships further. Our counselors also assist you to put the addiction behind you and come up with a framework for improving your ties.

In Conclusion

Addiction and recovery can negatively affect the relationships you have with your family and friends. This clash can cause pain and suffering to everyone involved. As you recover, you may try to reach out to those you harmed to mend your relations. However, your efforts may not bear the desired results if you do not approach them the right way. If you do not address the issues correctly, they can escalate. It would be best if you are strategic about how you attempt to improve the bonds.

There are many challenges that addiction and recovery pose. They can cause shame, irrational decisions that can be harmful, undesired changes, and financial problems. The two may also cause mistrust, unwanted absences, and legal troubles. You can try to fix these issues after you identify them. If you struggle to do it alone, you can reach out to Ebb Tide Treatment Centers.

Ebb Tide Treatment Centers provide expert care that should help you improve your ties and get better. Our dialectical behavioral therapy should help you cope with the emotions associated with rehabilitation. The knowledgeable counselors at Ebb Tide can reconcile you with your loved ones and devise a plan that sees you get better while relating well with them.

Get help for yourself or a loved one by reaching out to us today.
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