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How to Find AA Meetings Near Me in Florida

photo Alcohol addiction is a condition that continues to affect you even after you complete your drug rehab in West Palm Beach. Consequently, thousands of recovering addicts continue their aftercare program via frequent AA meetings. Support groups, such as AA, have helped recovering addicts sustain their sobriety in various ways for a long time. They give you a platform to share your experiences with others going through a similar ordeal, learn from them and connect with people to help you when you are struggling. 

Ways of Finding Alcohol Anonymous Meetings 

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Finding AA meetings to continue your rehab in West Palm Beach is essential. There are various ways of discovering an AA program in Florida for you. 

In-Person Meetings

  1. Your treatment center, doctor, or counselor may refer you to an AA group or contact 
  2. Search for a program near you in the Alcohol Anonymous website 
  3. Google AA programs near your location 
  4. Seek referrals for AA meetings from friends 
  5. Check local directories for phone numbers of AA groups near you 

Phone and Online Meetings 

While in-person meetings are usually the best option, there are other alternatives for people that cannot get to in-person gatherings. These substitutes include online or phone meetings and discussion forums. These options can be helpful for people with hearing challenges, mobility issues, desires for a meeting at peculiar hours, or responsibilities they cannot abandon.

Online meetings and other formats of AA are available on the Alcohol Anonymous site. The platform also has programs for specific groups, such as gender-specific forms of AA meetings, the LGBT community, and other groups. 

There are also several online discussion forums for recovering alcoholics and their loved ones. Some of these groups have online meetings, recordings of sessions, or other discussion formats. One such platform is 

Understanding Alcohol Anonymous 

AA is a program for recovering addicts that allows them to meet other addicts in the recovery journey. It is an excellent opportunity to continue with your aftercare once you leave rehab centers in West Palm Beach. The program helps you maintain your sobriety by instilling the 12-step philosophy of recovery. 

AA has grown in popularity over the years. It is available in more than 170 countries, and it has more than 2 million members. It has proven to be a practical approach for many alcoholics, mainly when used with other alcohol rehab procedures. The program is free, but members may occasionally chip in to sustain the amenities provided.

While AA started primarily to help alcoholics, it has become an open program accepting all recovering addicts. This occurrence has mainly happened because addictions have many common characteristics. However, you need to consider gatherings for the specific drug you are trying to avoid relapsing to increase its likelihood of success. 

Who Should Join AA? 

For alcoholics, staying sober on your own can be a challenge. You may occasionally come close to relapsing, miss the days you had alcohol to cope with life, or feel judged by people that see you struggling with your sobriety. AA can help you remain sober by offering you a non-judgmental platform to share, learn from others that are also struggling, and make friends. 

If you are in outpatient rehab in West Palm Beach, appointments with the facility can be far between each other. You may have many challenges while waiting for your next arrangement. AA can provide the reprieve you need as you continue with the outpatient rehab. 

If you need to share your experiences, AA can be the right program for you. Sharing enables you to have an outlet for your struggles. Keeping everything to yourself can be a challenge to your sobriety. 

What to Expect at AA Meetings 

AA meetings typically take place every day of the week. While attending all of them is unrealistic, you should attend as many gatherings as you consider necessary. For example, one meeting a day can be ideal if you are in your early stages of recovery. As you proceed, you can attend two or three of them in a week.

The gatherings last around 60 to 90 minutes. They often happen in public areas, such as community centers. In the meeting, one member recites the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of AA. This narration may be followed by personal shares, praying, reading AA literature, and meditating. People often only give their first name, and they get ample time and space to share. A donation basket may rotate for those that can donate. These donations help sustain the program.

Meetings can be open or closed. Closed gatherings are for the recovering addicts only, while open sessions are for alcoholics and their loved ones, such as family and friends. The latter is also accessible for anyone interested in the program. Leadership rotates among the members, and the leader guides the program. There can also be chips to mark specific milestones in your sobriety, such as a month, three months, six months, or each year of sobriety. 

Sponsorship is also another significant aspect of AA. As recovering from addiction can be challenging, new AA members often get a sponsor to help them. Sponsors are typically people that have experience in the program and willing to help others, as outlined in step 12 of the 12 Step process. They help you by guiding you, being available when you need them, and answering your questions. The sponsor is not responsible for your sobriety; the program is. 

Does AA Work? 

AA gatherings have proven to be effective aftercare for alcoholics. However, AA is not a substitute for alcohol addiction treatment from Palm Beach drug rehab facilities. Addiction experts recommend that you use AA after or alongside reliable alcohol addiction treatment. This care ensures quitting alcohol is safe, and you build a sustainable foundation for recovery. 

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How Ebb Tide Helps Addicts 

Ebb Tide Treatment centers are reputable addiction facilities that offer drug treatment in Palm Beach. We believe that addicts can get better quickly without complications. Our experienced staff use evidence-based treatment techniques to help you and your loved ones overcome addiction, its effects, and prepare for a long life free from drugs. We tailor our care to suit the unique needs of each addiction case. 

EBTC treats a variety of addictions, such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin and meth dependence via our inpatient, outpatient, and PHP methods. Your aftercare is a vital part of your recovery. Our support does not stop once you get trestment as we support your rehab and aftercare programs, including referring you to a suitable AA group. We offer therapy to help you remain sober, and we have multiple locations, including our gender-specific facilities. 


Alcoholism is a problem that continues long after you finish your rehab. Your aftercare strategies can be as vital as your rehab treatment techniques. Once you get treated, you need to avoid triggers, cope with sobriety, and continue with looking after yourself to prevent relapsing. If you do not make adjustments after rehab, you are likely to return to alcohol. 

Alcohol Anonymous can be one of the changes you need to sustain your sobriety. AA involves attending frequent meetings with other alcoholics. Your shared struggle makes these gatherings an ideal place for sharing, learning, and making friends. Sessions last around 60 to 90 minutes, and they revolve around the 12 Steps of recovery. AA has helped many recovering addicts sustain their sobriety. Most of these people have benefitted from the program because of using it along with other rehabilitation procedures provided by drug rehab centers in West Palm Beach. 

Ebb Tide Treatment Centers provide the holistic treatment you need to overcome alcohol addiction. The various Ebb Tide locations are open throughout the week, and they have adequate qualified personnel to kickstart your recovery. We accept many insurance covers, and we assist our clients through rehab, rehab, and aftercare. We use proven methods of treatment, which we customize to give you the highest chance of getting better without complications. Reach out today to find out how we can help you overcome your alcohol addiction and find a suitable AA program. 
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