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Kratom’s Controversial Ban


Kratom is a plant that is proving to stop pain during withdrawal from opioids and there is a controversial ban on it in many states. More states are trying to ban it as well. The American Kratom Association is fighting to keep it legal in all states and the DEA is trying to ban it since it considers it to be a public health hazard. Read on to learn more about this controversial drug and its controversial ban.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree in Southeast Asia. Its leaves have been used to relieve pain, depression, and anxiety and many believe it is an effective tool to combat addiction to opioid medications. Kratom can be eaten raw, crushed, brewed as a tea or turned into capsules, liquids or pills. It targets the same part of the brain that responds to morphine and codeine but does not cause the respiratory depression that causes most deaths from opioid usage. Kratom acts as a stimulant in low doses and as a sedative in high doses.

Why Does the DEA Want a Ban On Kratom and Why Treatment Centers Do Not

In 2016, the DEA put a ban on Kratom, citing it was an imminent hazard to public safety. Initially, the DEA wanted to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 drug, putting it in the same category as heroin and ecstasy. The DEA has since withdrawn its intent to classify Kratom as a Schedule 1 drug, but still believes it is highly addictive and has a high potential for abuse, thus banning its use. 7% of cases involved Kratom ingestion were life-threatening and 42% were non-life-threatening.

Kratom’s Risks

Kratom can cause psychotic symptoms and addiction. While it is less addictive than opioids, many companies advertise it as a legal high. There were 15 known kratom-related deaths between 2014 1n3 2016. Kratom may not be the solution and more studies need to be conducted, but kratom has been known to treat opioid withdrawal, making its ban controversial especially within the drug addiction treatment circle. Treatment centers do not want to see kratom banned since it relieves the pain when addicts are having opioid and heroin withdrawal symptoms.

The American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association defines kratom as a safe herbal supplement binding to the same receptor sites in the brain as chocolate, coffee, and exercise. They state it is not a drug, an opioid or a synthetic substance. It is not habit forming and is legal in 44 of the 50 states. It is legal in Florida. There was legislature filed in an attempt to make it illegal in Florida. All legislature did not pass due to AKA stopping the bills and it is currently legal except in Sarasota County. You can take action in Florida to keep kratom legal by contacting your representatives at or your senators.

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