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Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms and Rehab

Marijuana’s effects are addictive. Some people are mild users and others are chronic users. Compared to other illegal drugs, marijuana’s withdrawal symptoms rarely pose a significant risk to your health.

Mild users will experience mild withdrawal symptoms, and heavy users will experience heavy withdrawal symptoms. It is easy to deal with mild symptoms by yourself. However, you may need help if you are a chronic marijuana user.

There is often much debate about whether marijuana poses any side effects and withdrawal effects. Research shows that marijuana has withdrawal has effects. It has over 480 chemical components. The major components include Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol.

Understanding Marijuana Withdrawal

Cannabis is widely used as a recreational drug. It has also been used in treatment research. The full acceptance of the drug leads to low-risk perception and a high abuse rate of the drug.

It offers positive reinforcement, which makes it highly addictive. It may start as a recreational option at first but the more you use cannabis the more you addicted you get, which leads to the dark side of addiction.

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The dark side of addiction is a case where you will use drugs to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Your cannabis use at this point, will be a case that needs help. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms will vary across users.

Some can stop, and some will need the help of professionals and addiction treatment facilities like Ebb Tide Treatment Centers.

Symptoms of Marijuana Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms will start to get into effect one week after a user stops consuming. Their physical and psychological intensity will depend on your level of intoxication. There are two forms of withdrawal symptoms. Mental/ Behavioral and physical.

The behavioral symptoms include:

  • Insomnia. The patient will have a hard time getting enough sleep. This could occasionally happen for a few nights or extend for months.
  • Depression. You will feel depressed when you do not get high.
  • Nightmares and vivid dreams.
  • Anger. An addict may have anger episodes such as burning rage, bursts of anger and constant irritability.  Marijuana addicts are commonly angry at the world, themselves, loved ones, the fact they are addicts, and getting clean.
  • Emotional swings. Marijuana dependents will experience mood changes such as anger, euphoria, and depression.
  • Reduced sense of humor
  • Increased or reduced sex drive.
  • Loss of concentration

Physical Symptoms Include:

  • Headaches. They will last for a few weeks or months.
  • Night sweat. The body is eliminating toxins through sweating profusely.
  • Hand sweats
  • Body odor
  • Coughing phlegm
  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of appetite
  • Digestion problems
  • Cramps

Less Frequent Physical Symptoms

  • Impotence
  • Low immune
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Kidney pains
  • Hormone imbalance

Why Seek Treatment For Marijuana Withdrawal?

Seeking treatment for Marijuana withdrawal is essential especially if you are a chronic user — the presence of qualified medical personnel in facilities like  Ebb Tide Treatment Centers to oversee rehab.

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In rare cases, chronic marijuana use is known to cause severe withdrawal symptoms. You will need the help of a trained professional to rehab. Rehab will give you a better chance of gaining your sobriety back and avoiding relapse.

It’s the first step towards marijuana addiction treatment. During rehab, medical professionals will be able to uncover any further underground issues. A rehab program makes it easy to cope with the withdrawal symptoms and tells how to handle them.

Moreover, a Detroit program provides a safe environment from drugs to recover from addiction.

Rehab Treatment Options for Marijuana

There are multiple rehab options available for marijuana use. They are:

1. Inpatient Program

An inpatient rehab program takes place in a rehab facility like Ebb Tide Treatment Centers is the most effective rehab program. Medical professionals trained and experienced in addiction treatment will be available to provide a quicker and safer rehab.

You will reside within the treatment facility premises during the rehab program. Addiction patients will be involved in various tasks and a routine. The routine and tasks will help keep your mind occupied and will offer you training to help you deal with withdrawal. You will participate in activities like therapy and entertainment. Inpatient treatment is advised to chronic marijuana users.

2. Outpatient Program

An outpatient rehab program handles addiction cases without the patient residing on the premises. You will be visiting the treatment center for a given amount of hours in a day to learn and get withdrawal treatment. Outpatient treatment is not usually as intense.

3. Medication

Currently, no medication is known to treat marijuana addiction. However, research in 2012 shows that there is medication available to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

4. Support groups

There are various drug addiction support groups to help you get over your marijuana addiction. You will have access to counselors and sponsors in your addiction recovery journey. An example of a marijuana support group is the Marijuana Anonymous group. Treatment facilities also offer support groups as your treatment develops from inpatient to outpatient to support groups.

How Long Does Marijuana Withdrawal Last?

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms have a timeline the addict goes through before they subside. It usually takes about 24 hours for a heavy user to experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms are most intense after 48 to 72 hours.

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They will recur for two or more weeks and ease off with time. Withdrawal symptoms timeline for Marijuana users happenings in the following ways:

  • Day 1:  marijuana withdrawals patients commonly experience insomnia, irritability, and anxiety.
  • Day 2 to Day 3: The symptoms are most intense during this period. You are most likely to experience chills, stomach pains, and sweating. People also experience intense cravings to use the substance.
  • Day 4 to 14: The brain chemistry will start to adapt to the absence of THC. You will still experience cravings, but the withdrawal symptoms will have improved.
  • Days 15 and over: The symptoms should have receded after the third week. However, the symptoms will last longer if you had a chronic addiction that involves psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

Why Choose Ebb Tide Treatment Centers

a. Avoid Relapse 

Addiction treatment at Ebb Tide Treatment Centers covers more than recovery. It will also focus on preventing relapse. Ebb Tide Treatment centers offer medication, counseling, and aftercare to help ease withdrawal symptoms and to avoid relapse.

b. Get the Help of Medical Professionals

Medical professionals will know how to handle various levels of addiction. They are also will prescribe the appropriate medication needed to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

c. Treat Marijuana Addiction Alongside an Underlying Co-occurring Disorder

Our professionals will take a broad approach to marijuana addiction and will treat any co-occurring disorder that is either mental or physical.  Some people abuse marijuana alongside other addiction and cases like stress management.

d. Sober up in a Safe and Comforting Home Away from Home

A safe space for treatment speeds up recovery. Ebb Tide Treatment centers have a strict policy against possession of drugs on the premises.

We also prescribed a healthy routine with healthy nutrition to ease the withdrawal symptoms.


People underrate the addiction power of marijuana. The drug is widely used for recreational purposes, although it is illegal in most places. Moreover, people argue that marijuana does not pose any withdrawal effects to the users.

However, marijuana does have withdrawal effects. Chronic users are usually at risk of severe symptoms, although it is rare. Such symptoms include impotence, kidney pain, low immunity and more.

Common marijuana withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, body odor palm sweat, depression, anxiety, and more. The withdrawal symptoms will kick in about 24 hours. They become more intense and are worst when it’s 48 to 72 hours after last use. You will experience strong cravings during and after the intense withdrawal symptoms.

There are various treatment options for marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Mild users can detox on their own successfully. They still face some risks or relapse. However, heavy users usually need help from rehab centers like Ebb Tide Treatment Centers. Heavy users should start with inpatient treatment. They can advance to outpatient and support group treatments later as the symptoms become less intense.

Relapse is one of the major challenges addicts face during marijuana addiction treatment. The professionals are important in marijuana withdrawal symptoms recovery for medium and heavy users.  They may provide medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms but they are yet to discover a cure for marijuana addiction.

In some cases, there are co-occurring disorders like abuse of other substances like alcohol and stress issues that lead to drug abuse and addiction. Ebb Tide Treatment Centers offers medical professionals and appropriate facilities to give patients a safe environment to recover from marijuana withdrawal symptoms.
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