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How to tell if your loved One is Battling Drug Addiction

  • January 26, 2018

Access to drugs that can trap you into an addiction lifestyle has become easier than ever. For many people today, the path to addiction began with the simple act of handing over a legal prescription to their neighborhood pharmacist. But no matter where or how it begins, recognizing the dependence is the first step to recovery. Unfortunately, chronic drug abuse can hijack brain functions that disable rational thinking processes.  As a result, most people are unable to recognize the level of their addiction. For many, the only way back to sobriety is with the help of concerned loved ones.

The insidious evolution from prescribed or recreational use to habituated drug abuse can sometimes make it difficult to tell if your loved one is battling drug addiction. Additionally, the outward signs of addiction may not always be visible and many addicts become quite adept at hiding their drug use.  It is also not uncommon for addicts and their loved ones to default to “denial” out of fear of the ramifications associated with this condition. In cases where one or more of these factors are present, addiction can go undetected, sometimes for years. Over time, however, a drug overdose or the cumulative effects of addiction will betray even the most high-functioning addict.

Finding out if addiction has snaked it’s into your loved one’s life is of utmost importance for the following reasons…

  1. Long-term drug abuse can do irreparable damage to mental and physical health.
  2. The potential for a life-threatening drug overdose increases the longer the addiction continues.
  3. In some instances, out of control drug abuse can cause hardship and danger to others.
  4. The multiple effects of addiction can significantly reduce an addict’s life expectancy.

If you suspect that your loved one is battling drug addiction, it is better to be proactive rather than stay in denial. Delay can cause the onset of a drug dependence to segue into full-blown addiction or worst; end in a fatal overdose.

Some proactive steps may include:

  • Paying closer attention to even subtle changes in behavior and pattern of recreational or prescription drug use.
  • Being aware of common tell-tale signs and symptoms of addiction such as spending more and more time alone, being unusually secretive, blatantly lying about whereabouts, hostile reactions to even simple questions unrelated to drugs.
  • Physical signs of addiction typically include changes in appetite, weight, needle marks, sores scratches, skin abrasions or the development of a major or minor illness.
  • Psychological signs of addiction may include frequent mood swings or episodes of depression and memory loss. Behavioral changes in attitude, neglect of personal hygiene, appearance, normal routines, sleep habits and energy levels may also be indicative of drug use. Chronic consumption of alcohol or some drugs can also cause changes in appetite or the development of an eating disorder.
  • Loss of interest in hobbies, school, career, and participation in family activities or social events that they previously enjoyed.
  • Lack of care about commitments, meeting obligations of relationships and work.
  • Frequently missing work or school due to mysterious ailments that randomly come and go.
  • Misuse of finances, frequent borrowing or stealing with no reasonable explanation.
  • Engaging in risky behavior while under the influence of drug or alcohol.
  • Refusing to talk about the problem or accept help when concerns are expressed.

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