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Prison Drug Treatment Programs vs. Treatment Centers


Prison Drug Treatment Programs


Many people who go through our prison systems are mentally ill or drug addicted. Many committed a nonviolent crime involving drugs. Can a prison drug treatment program really give a person hope to fight their addiction or are they as ineffective as the prison system itself is known to be? The United States constitutes 25% of the world’s prison population. Is the prison system really equipped to treat drug addicted prisoners? Can drug treatment in prison really work?


Innovative Prison Treatment Programs


Texas, who has a history of creating barbaric prisons implemented the In-Prison Therapeutic Treatment and Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facilities. Texas is creating these programs to help people succeed in prison. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has created the Residential Drug Abuse Program and graduates can have a year of the prison time removed from their sentence. While these programs are meant to be impactful and effective, they, unfortunately, are not. While they may help, they do not have the treatment options needed to help most drug addicted prisoners reach sobriety successfully.


Why Prison Treatment Programs Fail


  • Treatment is not started soon enough. Prisoners often wait years to enter a prison treatment program. The prisoners with the shortest sentences get priority when it comes to placement.
  • Prisoners are returned to the general population after treatment and are once again mixing with inmates are still interested in engaging in drug use. This is very tempting for a recovering drug addict to be around.
  • The staff are overworked and do not have the knowledge about treatment options they need to effectively treat drug addicted prisoners.
  • Not all prisoners want to be treated. If a drug addicted prisoner has no intrinsic motivation to gain sobriety, any treatment program will fail.
  • Prisoners are required to attend a treatment facility because of the crime they committed, not because of their drug addiction itself.
  • There is positive reinforcement. There is not a strong system of rewards and consequences.
  • The treatment is a punishment and is required as a consequence for a crime committed, not as a way to provide therapy or instill personal well-being.


Ebb Treatment Centers

Ebb Treatment Centers have the treatment options, resources and experience to effectively treat a prisoner addicted to drugs.

  • A treatment center can be less expensive than a prison sentence.
  • And cost effective for the taxpayer.
  • They can reduce substance abuse and recidivism.
  • Drug treatment is overall more effective than cycling people in and out of prison.



Florida Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

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