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How Long Does It Take To Detox From Weed?

Weed is a prevalent drug that is legal in certain states in the US. It is used both for its medicinal properties and recreationally as a way to relax and feel content. As of February 3, 2022, the medical use of weed is legal in 37 states, four territories and the district of Columbia. In terms of recreational use, as[...] Read More

How Long Does It Take to Detox From Alcohol?

Most people enjoy a drink from time to time, but for certain people, alcohol consumption can pose a problem due to its addictive nature. Alcohol abuse can damage your psychological health as much as it can damage your physical health. It can put pressure on your relationships, work and social life, and mental health, as well as impact your body.[...] Read More

How Long Does It Take To Detox From Meth?

Methamphetamine, often referred to as meth or crystal meth, is a central nervous system stimulant made from store-bought chemicals. Meth bought on the street is usually made from pseudoephedrine or ephedrine found in cold medicine. Other ingredients may include acetone, drain cleaner, and battery acid. These chemicals are cooked and turned into crystal meth. Due to the potency of meth,[...] Read More

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your System?

Drugs encompass legal and illicit substances that have several different effects on the body and brain. As the range of drugs used is so vast, so too is the amount of time it takes each to leave the body. Not only is there a variation among individual drugs, but there are also factors that affect each person that will impact[...] Read More

What To Do in a Relationship With an Alcoholic?

Are you in a relationship with someone who has an alcohol addiction? If so, it is normal to ask yourself how you can help your partner secure addiction treatment and whether they need it in the first place. Answering these questions can be tricky, though. On the one hand, you may think that your partner's alcohol use has not escalated[...] Read More

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