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Maximizing Group Therapy’s Benefits for You

Facilitated by a trained mental health professional, group therapy is a form of treatment that typically comprises six to eight individuals. Entirely confidential, group therapy provides a safe space to test different ways of interacting with people. It also provides time for those in attendance to share their thoughts and experiences while developing greater awareness of how humans interact and[...] Read More

Rebuilding Trust in Recovery

The recovery journey for those suffering from addiction is challenging. Part of the process is nurturing and healing our connections with people from before and during our addiction. Why Is Trust Important?  Trust is an integral factor in our health and well-being, regardless of our life events. Without trust, we can’t create a safe base from which to explore and[...] Read More

Baggage of the Past – Dealing With Debt in Recovery

Whether it is drugs, alcohol, or problematic behavior, living with addiction can be all-consuming. The things that addict us are frequently costly and may also affect our ability to make money. This scenario often leaves many people in debt as they begin their recovery journey. Why is Addiction Linked to Debt? Struggling with an addiction can cause your spending to[...] Read More

Nature Vs Nurture in the World of Addiction

Nature vs nurture. Do we inherit most of our behaviors genetically, or are we taught them? It is an age-old question. 10% of adults in the United States report having a problematic relationship with drugs and alcohol. Whether it’s genetic or environmental factors, it’s hard to generalize the various factors that lead someone to substance and alcohol abuse. Though there[...] Read More

Recovery and Relationships

In the early stages of recovery, you may feel like you can take on the world. You’ve made it through detox, developed the skills to overcome addictive behaviors, and have begun to enjoy a life of sobriety. You may be excited to throw yourself back into everyday life and rebuild relationships with those around you. However, while healing relationships with[...] Read More

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