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Surgeon General Reporting on a Critical Problem

Surgeon General Reporting on a Critical Problem

Surgeon General’s Landmark Report

The Surgeon Generals’ Landmark Report outlines a critical national health problem. A staggering 21 million people, more than the number of people who have all the cancers combined suffer from substance misuse, abuse, and addiction. An astounding 90% are not receiving treatment. No other illness would ever see only one in ten people receiving treatment. Therefore, the Surgeon General knows this to be a critical health concern, an epidemic which carries lasting consequences.

The report hopes to bring awareness to this serious health concern and change the way Americans view addiction. Unfortunately, addiction is surrounded by shame, however, it is an illness, not a moral failing, therefore the people suffering from addiction and their families who suffer along with them must have options for receiving treatment. Negative stereotypes must be eradicated. Ultimately, treatment centers must be accessible, nonjudgmental and understanding of the psychological and physical reasons addiction presents itself.

Trying to Change the Way Americans View Addiction

Firstly, the Surgeon General’s initiative is to take a public health approach to change the way that Americans view addiction. One way he is doing that is by investing a lot of time and money into prevention. By targeting America’s youth, he hopes to bring awareness to risk factors that lead to addiction, so they can be avoided. For example, a person who begins drinking at age 15 is four times more likely to develop an alcohol addiction than someone who begins drinking at 21.

Treatment centers across America are commending and applauding the Surgeon General’s report recommending the strengthening of treatment options which would give all people suffering from addiction access to treatment regardless of race, social or financial background. Ebb Treatment Centers is encouraged by this report and hopeful that the initiative outlined by the Surgeon General advocating removing the negative stereotypes of addiction, prevention and better options for treatment will help so many victims of addiction and their families. Therefore, our drug treatment program is helping more people find their way out of substance addiction. Ultimately, our Center’s mission is to help bridge the gap between treatment and recovery. Some of our addiction treatment methods incorporate teaching important life skills, to help with each client’s transition after discharge. Finally, we are a nationally recognized and accredited facility that translates people’s hope for addiction recovery into reality.

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We at Ebb Tide Treatment Centers believe alcoholics and addicts can, and do, recover. Furthermore, recovering from active addiction does not have to be a long, painful process. With the help of Ebb Tide’s caring and experienced staff, you and your loved ones will learn, and take, proven steps necessary to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety and success. The goal of Ebb Tide Treatment Centers is to restore lives and families. With our help, you can regain control of your life from addiction and start living happily again. Your new life is just a phone call away. Call us today at 561-508-8330 or visit us at

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