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Hester was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida and moved to South Florida in 1999. Her personal struggles with addiction and recovery brought Hester to West Palm Beach. Training began as Certified Behavioral Health Technician with Hanley Hazelden Treatment facility for ten years, working with young and older adults in sobriety. Hester continued to her training with Innervisions School for Spiritual Development,for two years also took part in developmental training in Trauma Therapy, Cape Town, South Africa for two years. Hester has always preferred the Spiritual aspect of this recovery program, became Spiritual Recovery Coach, Operations Coach at the Got Recovery, Butterfly house for 15 years. Studied in the Masterful Living Program a program of living and learning well.

“Through the years my experience and training has allowed me to work as group facilitator. I have the good fortune to work at what I love most.”

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