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Co-Founder and CEO Joe Donovan brings his passion and commitment to treatment and recovery to Ebb Tide. He has a strong educational background, having earned business and law degrees from Washington and Lee University and St. John’s University School of Law, before embarking on his professional career. Joe has extensive business and legal experience, including having been an Assistant District Attorney in New York City and Counsel at a large Wall Street law firm and financial institutions, before continuing his education and entering the field of behavioral health.

Joe is himself blessed to be person in long term recovery from addiction. He returned to school and has received extensive education and training in substance use disorders (SUD), addiction treatment, counseling, interventions and peer support. Equipped with continuous education in the field, his own personal experiences and recovery, Joe remains sensitive and motivated by the affects the disease has had within his own family and throughout society. In recovery, Joe has become heavily involved with organizations and advocacy groups helping individuals and families struggling with Substance Use Disorder. Joe has been on the lawyer’s assistance committees of state and local bar associations, helping attorneys battling alcoholism and substance abuse. He assists individuals within the court system, and works with several human service organizations, employee assistance programs and advocacy groups on behalf of individuals and families affected by alcoholism and chemical dependence.

Witnessing the growing crisis posed by addiction, as well as the high rate of relapse, Joe became convinced of the need for high quality treatment centers, whose programs would not only teach about addiction, but would also work with clients to develop skills essential for a happy, satisfying life and career. With this goal in mind, Joe founded the Ebb Tide Treatment Centers to “bridge the gap” between treatment and lifelong recovery. His goal, along with the entire Ebb Tide team, is to create safe, comfortable, and supportive settings in which to provide the highest quality treatment for clients and help individuals and families to enjoy a lifetime of recovery.