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Karen Coakley is an experienced Psychiatric and Medical Nurse Practitioner who has
dedicated her life to healing. Starting out with her degree from Framingham State
College, as a Registered Nurse, she established herself as an authority in her field,
working in emergency rooms across the country over a span of 25 years. Her love of
medicine drove her back to school to further her education and she attained a Master’s
of Science degree with a specialty as a medical Nurse Practitioner from the University
of Massachusetts in 1999. In 2005 she returned, once again, to get a Post Masters of
Science from Florida International University specializing as a Family Psychiatric Mental
Health Nurse Practitioner.
For close to two decades Karen Coakley has worked in the Psychiatric and Addiction
field in South Florida. In many psychiatric crisis units (such as South County Mental
Health, Columbia Hospital, The Orchid Recovery Residential Program, etc.) she has
been responsible for performing psychiatric evaluations, detoxing, medication
stabilization, history and physicals. She has also held positions within the University of
Miami and FAU as a member of their clinical staff, mentoring and training future medical
generations of PAs and NPs.
Karen prides herself on her ability to combine her thorough knowledge of medicine and
her innate nurturing tendencies to connect and assist in the most advantageous
recovery possible for her clients.  Upon admission, Karen meets with every patient and
available family to obtain a comprehensive medical and psychiatric history. She then
consults and meets with the team to obtain an all-inclusive evaluation to provide each
client with the best, individualized, strategy for treatment. Her care remains ongoing, as
she continues to meet with each individual on at least a weekly basis to monitor and
make adjustments as needed, educating her clients as she goes so that they might be
actively involved in their recovery.
With Karen, you get a caretaker and medical professional in one.