The Up-Rise of Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic Drugs

Drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine have been around for decades. They are popular and come from natural plants. These drugs, although from nature, are still considered highly dangerous, addictive and, of course, illegal. There are now synthetic drugs gaining popularity and they are a major health concern because these drugs have chemicals in them that are extremely dangerous. They have been synthesized in a lab and are being sold as legal alternatives to illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. Many contain psychoactive substances that alter the mind. Although created in a lab, these drugs have not been rigorously tested. Often, they cause erratic and unpredictable behavior.

The Uprise of Synthetic Drugs

Even a decade ago, synthetic drugs such as flakka, bath salts and synthetic marijuana (also known as k2 and spice) were virtually unheard of. Today, the use of synthetic marijuana is alarmingly high. 11% of high school seniors using it. These drugs are touted as natural and safe, however, these synthetic drugs cause people to lose their grasp on reality and can often cause them to become violent. There have been numerous reports of people high on flakka tearing off chunks of people’s faces. Additionally, thousands of teens and young adults, mostly males are having vomiting, racing heartbeats, hallucinations, seizures and ending up in the emergency room.

Types of Synthetic Drugs

  • Synthetic cannabis, known as k2 and spice can be up to 100 times more potent than traditional marijuana. The main ingredient is THC, however, it is much stronger in spice. Therefore, it is more likely to cause seizures and psychosis.
  • Euphoric Stimulant replacements, such as bath salts and flakka are associated with serious medical issues. Excessive use is linked to feelings of paranoia, hallucinations and violent behavior.
  • Replacement psychedelics, such as NBOMes and 1PLSD have a similar effect to classic LSD, however, the effects of these synthetic versions can be unpredictable and far more severe.
  • Replacement dissociatives are psychoactive synthetic drugs mimicking the effect of hallucinogens. They are similar to PCP but have more severe and erratic memory loss, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.
  • Replacement opioids are meant to mimic drugs such as heroin or opium. These traditional opioids give a sense of euphoria. They are highly addictive and dangerous in their natural state. Their synthetic versions cause even more severe, unpredictable and dangerous effects.

Synthetic drugs are highly dangerous because when purchased, there is no way of knowing the exact drugs inside of them or their potency, therefore it is always best practice to stay away from taking any drugs when you are not 100% sure what is in them.

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