What Are Drugs Detox Kits And Do They Really Work?

 More than 24 million Americans are struggling with addiction. Testing positive for an illicit drug can have serious repercussions. Addicts can lose their jobs, stress their loved ones, and ruin their reputation with a positive result. 

Many try to beat screenings using several techniques. Some opt to use detox kits to manipulate the test in their favor. However, do detox kits provide a permanent solution to drug users? 

What are Drug Detox Kits?

Drug detox kits are packages that eliminate the illegal substances someone consumes recently. They help you produce a biological sample such as urine for drug screening that is free from illicit substances.

While these kits continue to gain popularity, few regulations govern their manufacturing and quality standards. Therefore, they are not safer than seeking help from rehab facilities. 

Detox Kit Versus Medical Detox

Detoxification is a crucial step towards sobriety. You can use drug detox kits at home and without any supervision on your own risk. Meanwhile, you do medical detox under close monitoring by caregivers in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and detox facilities. 

It is a comprehensive process that does not end after you get rid of harmful substances from your body. It continues with counseling against the psychological and physical dependence on drugs.

Composition of Drug Detox Kits

Drug detox kits are typically sold by stores, such as Walmart and GNC, as total body cleansing packages. They come as a pill, liquid form, or a combination of the two. Their exact composition is mostly unknown. People mainly use detox kits for THC and marijuana. 

The cleanses claim to work after different periods. Some manufacturers say their products can take seven days to remove THC from your body. Others state that they can make any drug you ingest untraceable for 5 hours in 90 minutes after consuming their drink or pill.

Some manufacturers go as far as claiming that their detox kits help you pass all drug screenings. However, they fail to explain how they can do it. Many of the products do not take into account the withdrawal symptoms. 

Some people develop serious side effects after using them. The National Center for Biotechnology Information associates detoxification effects like psychosis with some kits.

How Drug Detox Kits Work

Drug detox pills or drinks do not get rid of all the toxins. They flush out a significant portion of illicit substances from your system. They leave a small amount that is difficult to detect during screenings. Typically, your body converts the drugs you ingest to metabolites. 

These metabolites move around your body while attaching themselves to your body cells. You gradually excrete them through your bladder, sweat, and bowels. Detoxicating using a kit will flush the metabolites down your urinary tract, and they come out over a few hours. However, their traces are still in your system. 

Detox kits have ingredients that ensure your urine composition has all the nutrients at their normal levels. They maintain this balance by replacing the elements you lose during detoxification. 

Any screening after you use them as prescribed will bring back a negative result despite you using the drug they are testing for recently. The detox kit gives you a small window to provide a clean sample.

The drug detox kits in the market that work this way include Green Clean Drug Detox Drink, Stinger Detox, and Fizzy Flush. Others are Premium Detox and Rescue Detox.

Are Drug Detox Kits Effective?

It is difficult to answer this question conclusively. Drug detox kits are mostly unregulated. Therefore, there is little information available about how efficient they are in manipulating screening results. Their manufacturers claim that they work. They tell people that their products guarantee a negative drug test. However, there is little medical or scientific research to substantiate their claims.

Journalists have conducted a few informal studies to test the efficiency of drug detox kits. One such research by a journalist examines the efficacy of cleansing kits in eliminating traces of marijuana in someone’s urine. 

The findings of the test show that in some people, the detoxification drink works. A urine sample drawn from the volunteer brings back a negative drug result, but their urine changes color to neon. 

Another patient was negative for drugs, and the second drink did not alter the color of the addict’s urine. However, the drug user had stomach problems after drinking the detoxification liquid. The third addict’s samples did not test positive for drugs, and the drug user did not experience any side effects.

Many people panic when they know they will be having a drug screening. They choose to take detoxification drinks or pills while hoping they will test negative for the drug they are using. The examination may have a negative result. 

However, healthcare professionals and researchers warn people against detoxicating kits. A study in the collection of the National Library of Medicine finds that people who use them can develop side effects like psychosis. 

Choosing a Detoxification Kit

It is challenging to know the exact kit that is right for you. However, these guidelines should help you select a package that has a high chance of delivering for you without causing complications.

  • Pick a drink or pill that works for the substances you are abusing. Manufacturers often make products targeting specific drugs. You must ensure that the package you are using is recommended for your addiction to increase its likelihood of bringing back the results you want.
  • Purchase from reliable sources. There has been an increase in fake kits in the market recently. You must be careful to buy the real product. A counterfeit product may be harmful. The manufacturer can use cheap ingredients and shortcuts in the manufacturing process to increase the profit margin when they sell at the same price as the real one.
  • Read the side effects. Many manufacturers highlight the possible side effects of using their products. Go through them carefully. If you can live with them, you may ingest their products. However, if they can cause you too much discomfort, look for those that have fewer of them.
  • Be careful if you have any medical condition. You must carefully go through all the ingredients the manufacturer uses to make the product. In case you have a condition that can result in dangerous effects, look for alternatives.
  • Consider the support system you have from the people around you. Some of the products are powerful, and you may need to get the help you may get from people close to you while intoxicating. Additionally, those around you may assist you in case you develop adverse side effects.

Is Detoxification at Home Safe?

Detoxicating can have serious side effects. You must get help to deal with them. Some of them can be life-threatening. The withdrawal symptoms you must watch out for include:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Hallucinations
  3. Insomnia
  4. Headache 
  5. Panic attacks
  6. Muscle pain
  7. Stomach upset
  8. Rapid heartbeat
  9. Tremors
  10. Delirium tremens
  11. Psychosis
  12. Heart palpitations
  13. Seizures

Detoxicating at home may be an appealing option because of its many benefits. You can do it privately at the comfort of your home while cutting several expenses. However, there are other considerations that you must address. 

Home detoxification is often ineffective at building a strong foundation for sobriety. You will encounter many challenges at home that you will not handle well since you lack the expertise in dealing with them. Additionally, your family may struggle to recognize and help you deal with unexpected withdrawal symptoms.

For addicts trying to get clean after abuse of benzodiazepine and alcohol, the road to recovery has many obstacles. The withdrawal symptoms you may face include heart attack and seizures, which are life-threatening. 

These symptoms may look manageable when they start. However, they can be severe after some time if you do not seek treatment from experts. You can begin seizing two or 48 hours after your last alcoholic drink.

You may develop psychological symptoms after the physical ones subside. You are likely to feel anxious and depressed while detoxing. Their effects can be worse, especially without the feeling the drug gave you. 

You must seek help for these conditions, or they can lead to severe consequences. Addressing mental health issues at home is difficult. You need an expert to guide you and prescribe a treatment plan that will help you get better.

Reasons for Visiting a Rehab Center

Overcoming addiction is difficult. You may face many challenges while recovering that can make you fall back to your old ways. You must get expert care if you want to smoothen the recovery. A rehab center can help you in this quest. 

A Rehab Center has many benefits that you should leverage while recovering. They include:

  • Customized treatment plans. Detox centers offer recovery care for their patients. They tailor their services to suit the requirements of each patient. Once they listen to your case, the caregivers will come up with the right plan, which will help you in your recovery.
  • They supervise your medical rehab. The experts in rehabs monitor you as you recover. They will go through your recovery process and check whether you are nearing sobriety. In case of any complication, they will take the necessary steps to remedy the situation.
  • It reduces the stress your family members and friends have due to your addiction. Your family members worry about you. They will relax once they know you are under expert care. A detox center will reduce their worries as they know you will be in the right place to recover from drug abuse.
  • Aftercare planning. Once you recover, you will begin the challenging life of staying sober. You will fall back to your old ways if you do not prepare for sobriety. The caregivers at rehab centers will craft a plan that you can implement to stay away from drugs. 

They will teach you how to fight off your urges and avoid places or events that expose you to the substances. Rehab centers can also ensure you are ready for relapse, and you make the right choices if it happens.


Addicts can find themselves needing a detox kit to test negative during a drug test. However, they only provide a temporary solution and will not curb your addiction. Besides, they have many side effects that can threaten your life. 

Drug detox kits are barely regulated, leaving room for manufacturers to try out several manipulation plans for screenings. Since you invest their products, they can pose serious risks for short term results. You must get permanent help to recover from your drug abuse completely.

Rehab centers can help you in your recovery process. They provide expert care which they craft to suit the requirements of each patient. Their safe environment can calm your friends and family as they know you will be in the right surroundings to pursue sobriety. 

The detoxification centers will provide guidelines that will help you cope with your new life of being sober. These facilities are an excellent place to begin your new chapter that is free from drugs.

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