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Why Gender Specific Treatment?



Addiction affects both men and women, but each gender does not necessarily benefit from the same type of treatment. Men and women are different, so it stands to reason that their experiences with substance abuse will differ as well. These experiences must be considered when a treatment plan is developed to help the different genders fight addiction. Gender specific treatment also provides a comfortable setting for healing.


Gender Specific Differences in Women


  • 4.5 million women have a substance abuse problem with illicit drugs or prescription medications.
  • Women weigh less and their organs are exposed to the alcohol ingested longer.
  • Women can not break down alcohol in their liver and stomach due to lower levels of enzymes.
  • One drink for a woman will have twice the impact it will have on a man.
  • The progression of addiction moves faster for women.
  • Women relapse for different reasons than men and their recovery looks different.
  • Women become dependent on drugs quicker.
  • Women use of drugs is often linked to their relationships with men or to escape painful emotions.


Gender Specific Differences in Men


  • Men use drugs and alcohol for different reasons women do.
  • Men start using drugs and alcohol for the perceived benefits.
  • Men want to work longer hours, improve their sex lives or have a good time.


Female Specific Treatment


  • Helps with women and cultural issues. When receiving treatment with other women, they do not face as much criticism for leaving their families etc…
  • It helps with body issues and the treatment can address these issues in the therapy.
  • The treatment can focus on self-esteem issues, self-worth, and values.
  • Therapy can help them with caregiving and to overcome guilt.
  • Treatment can focus on sexual abuse or assault if applicable.



Male Specific Treatment


  • Men will contribute more and be themselves with other men and will discuss sex, feelings, self-esteem, fears, work and relationship issues.
  • Men can focus on achieving sobriety when they do not have to work about being tough or strong in front of women.
  • There is less judgment from their own gender, men will be more comfortable to discuss past issues with a men only treatment group.
  • The ability for men to relate to other men.

Ebb Treatment Center


Ebb Treatment Center believes in gender specific treatment and will help you recover from addiction with a treatment plan designed to focus on your individual needs and issues.



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